North Cyprus Property | Cyprus Today’s Kulaksiz 5 Article

North Cyprus Property | Cyprus Today’s Kulaksiz 5 Article

If you have been following the K5 saga you may be interested to have my latest summary below:

I found the Kibris Group “Cyprus Today” article of 16th February on the K5 Appeal Court’s courageous Judgement very disappointing but not surprising.

It just underlines how difficult it is to get the truth out through the TRNC press and at the same time how far K5 have come without major media support. We must pay tribute to certain parts of the press that have not been intimidated and have supported the K5 quest for Justice. The supportive press have published their version in Turkish during the week, they read rather differently from Kibris group comment.

To be fair, In the early days Kibris Group were supportive too, in fact they maybe went too far in their support which gave the Bank the opportunity to threaten them with heavy penalties. The Banks have been very successful in muting large parts of the media. It is my understanding that a deal was reached between the Bank and Kibris whereas any article mentioning the a certain Bank by name would be cleared by them before publication. So it appears anything Kibris prints about that Bank is either the Bank’s publicity or if critical of it censored out. Perhaps this can be clarified so we may learn where the truth is.

But the majority of this Cyprus Today article seems to have been written by the Bank or with Bank consultation to minimise their culpability and show just what sensitive people they really are. You can smell a rat when they say in their press statement we at “the bank in question” welcome this Court decision, in fact they have been opposing it for years.

No explanation as to why they sanctioned a mortgage to a known defaulter. No explanation as to why they sanctioned a mortgage on land already sold. No explanation as to why they lied to the Land Registry or to the Courts about taking possession of “bare land” when their own surveyors had reported that there were completed houses on it. No explanation why they have tried to evict K5 home owners before the legal process is completed. Maybe all this will all be explained when we come to the main case, just a big misunderstanding possibly.

Most people knew they had done a back door deal with certain other properties on the site. When are they going to make all these details public, so we can all share in in the knowledge of the Bank’s true altruism.

Maybe, one day they will truly repent and admit their negligence or illegality that has created so much suffering to so many victims.

Malcolm Mitcheson


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