North Cyprus News | Reflections on Life in Prison


North Cyprus News | Reflections on Life in Prison

Has the world gone mad?

After reading today of Advocates allegedly being denied access to their clients in custody in Lefkosa, one has to wonder. Apparently two Advocates were involved in a fracas when their requests to consult with their clients was denied and ended with the two Advocates cooling their heels in a prison cell for a while.

Now I read that infamous former business tycoon Asil Nadir has be attacked by a fellow inmate of Bellmarsh prison. Allegedly Mr Nadir found the personal hygiene of his cellmate less than acceptable. I note that the Sun newspaper do not directly relate this to the reason why Mr Nadir was attacked and the mental stability of the attacker is being brought into question.

Mr Nadir is reported as having received £1m in legal aid and is not eligible for release until 2017. However it has been muted in the past that the payment of the £5m demanded by the authorities might well bring Mr Nadir’s release date forward.

Clearly anyone serving time for any crime has a right to do so in safety.

Source: The Sun




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