North Cyprus Property | Being Given the Run Around


North Cyprus Property – Being Given the Run Around

Many will remember the application I made to the Resolution Committee way back in September 2011. It was one of the many exercises undertaken by people like me who tried desperately to bring the plight of the property victims to the attention of someone who could potentially help.

I was told that there was such a thing as a Resolution Committee, that they would look at my case and convene a hearing and then come to a conclusion, that this conclusion could actually be submitted to the judge in a court case.

Another false hope, the report I compiled was translated into Turkish, submitted…what followed? Nothing. I now doubt that such a committee even exists.

To the Resolution Committee of the TRNC – English

As you can see the last act referred to is April 2011. Two and a half years have elapsed since then, more of my rights have been violated along the way.

For those who prefer the Turkish version.

To the Resolution Committee of the TRNC – Turkish

Of course, there are those who for their own greedy reason want to see me gone from the TRNC, which of course is very short sighted of them because, the old saying “be careful what you wish for” could not be truer in their case. In getting their wish they could be facilitating my freedom to speak more openly.

We all know about the infantile FaceBook group started by a group of non existent identities, which of course is the only way a group of bullies know how to work. The latest from Fatma Lone is particularly vicious and a fabrication, had me falling about laughing. It is a joke, they are a joke and to treat them otherwise would be to legitimise cowards who do not have the courage to peddle their filth under their own names. If they really want me deported, if they really feel they have good reasons, go to the Government using their own names and ask. It is as simple or as complicated as that. Of course the main bully is going to look somewhat foolish since he allegedly admits to having a criminal record for armed robbery in the UK. The ones hanging on his coat tails are pathetic ‘would be’s’ who haven’t got what it takes to act alone.

You only have to look at the membership of the non existent Fatma Lone in other groups to know who he is and frankly he is doing his reputation no good. Indeed one has to wonder at the mental stability of all involved.

I guess I am now more interesting to some than I ever was in my younger days, in my 69th year, I am astounded and very amused.

Pauline Ann Read

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