North Cyprus Property | A Morning in Girne District Court

North Cyprus Property | A Morning in Girne District CourtWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | A Morning in Girne District Court

What a morning in the Girne District court.

My first supporting role was for friends who live in north Cyprus.  There were a lot of cases being heard in this particular court and it was extremely busy.

The hearing today was to be to decide on ‘security of costs’. The landowner who made my friends homeless after taking their money to build a property on his land is insistent that they do not live in north Cyprus so that must deposit money with the court to ensure that if they lose the case and abscond without paying the costs, his Advocates fees will be covered.

Since I know that they do live here, they have acted honourably and the landowner has not, I would, if I were his Advocate, ensure I got money up front, not from the petitioners but from their client. That is my opinion and not in any way an accusation or an attempt to influence any decisions.

However due to the pressure of cases, the Judge was unable to hear this case today and it has been adjourned until the 14th June 2013. How fortuitous, same day as the reconvening of the K5 hearing.

The second couple I was supporting had a more fruitful morning. They are having an Injunction hearing. This is to decide if the temporary injunction they have on their own apartment and all the land the apartment block sits on can be made made permanent until the outcome of the case is known. The hearing started, the lady of the couple I am supporting gave evidence, there were a couple of breaks in this hearing and this first stage of the hearing concluded at just after 3.00 pm. The landowner did give evidence but the hearing is not yet finished as some further witnesses are to be called.

Having given their evidence the couple I support will return home to the UK tomorrow. It is anticipated that the case will continue so that the Judge can hear all evidence from both sides.

The Advocate acting for my friends anticipates they may be back in court in Oct/November this year. They intend to be there and God willing, so do I.

When the evidence giving is concluded, the Judge will then deliberate and give her judgement, I cannot a this stage give any indication of when that will be.

I can say, my friends are returning to the UK more optimistic than they were when they arrived. The temporary injunction stays in place until this decision is given.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Ann Read

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