North Cyprus News | Vote Rigging Accusation

North Cyprus News | Vote Rigging AccusationNorth Cyprus News | Vote Rigging Accusation

According to the Yeni Duzen newspaper (25.05.13) the chairman of the TRNC’s Higher Election Committee”, Nevvar Nolan, stated that the number of  registered TRNC voters has increased by nearly ten thousand in the last four years. Nolan explained that part of the reason for this was that the people who turned eighteen during this period obtaining a right to vote but he also said that the other reason for this was that citizenship was being granted. The number of voters is expected to rise even more before the election.

Year    Voters
2008   157.302
2009   161.373
2013   171.588

In addition, the paper also writes that Ahmet Kaptan, the chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Public Servants Trade Union (KTAMS) alleges that during the last four days citizenships has been granted to a further 215 people. He also said by Sunday 26th May 2013  TRNC citizenships will be granted to 100 more people.

Reporting on the same issue Afrika (25.05.13) writes that the Turkish Cypriot Primary Teachers Trade Union (KTOS) protested on Friday against the illegal granting of the citizenship.

In statements about the issue, the general secretary of KTOS Sener Elcil stated that he believed that TRNC citizenship is being awarded because of the forthcoming elections and added that this development is part of the efforts made by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey to save the National Unity Party (UBP).

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