Mr President what are you going to do about this?

Taken from Cyprus44

“Hi All

Yes we paid 100% of our contractrual obligations in May 09 (to help the builders cash flow problems)

We asked for our kochan and he demanded £7000 more without any justification.

We eventually settled in March 09 £3000 cash now, plus up to £4000 on a pound for pound settlement with all site residents

to complete the site at our expense. A TOTAL OF £7000 PLUS WE agreed to pay the cost of our own pool a further £2000 plus.

We gave our advocate £7000 in cash ist week March 10, and we were promised that there could be NO MORE problems and our

kochan would be issued without delay. On the basis of this assurrance we transfered funds to cover the KDV and transfer tax.

Our advocate applied to the Land Registry to effect a transfer of the kochan. He was told that this was not possible as a Memorandum had been attached to our deeds for £80,000 for a judgement debt against the builders. We were advised that our villa could be sold to pay the builders debts.

We can get NO information from our advocate as to the status of this issue. Our E mails are just ignored.

The builder appears to have just walked away from his debts although he continues to build apartments at The Riverside, and construct a villa for a millionaire. The advocate continues in business but without acknowledgeing a DUTY OF CARE to his clients.

(We have no doubt whatsoever that he is doing everything in his power to rectify this situation, but why are we not advised the status of this situation)


THE ADVOCATE MUNIL AKIL LAW FIRM (Barrister in Law at London Chambers)


Finally we are told that the builder has four sites Malataya, Incescu, Lapta 2 and Esentepe where people have paid for their villas AND THEY DO NOT OWN THE LAND THAT THEY HAVE BUILT ON

I CALL ON THE GOVERNMENT OF THE TRNC and draw to the attention of the judiciary of The TRNC to this situation, and request that they investigate the circumstances surrounding THESE INDIVIDUALS trading histories and ensure that good faith and respect for Internationally recognised justice be allowed to prevail.”

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