Cyprus Property Action Group (CPAG) banned for publishing a letter

CPAG has decided to close down its website following a court order gained by Leptos Estates in south Cyprus. They claimed damages for libel in relation to a particular page on CPAG’s website entitled “Leptos Buyers Action Group Demonstration”. A €35,000 guarantee was lodged with the court.

A search of the site now finds the link from the page, entitled “letter”, leads to a page which says

****This page has been removed due to an interim injunction being issued by the courts to stop the continued publication of the same.***

It looks as if Leptos is objecting to the publication of a letter. You begin to wonder why this letter can be so damaging to the company. There is not even an explanation as to what CPAG is saying about them. Thousands of people have probably read this letter and it would have made sense for Leptos to have said something like, “you said in your letter that we mortgaged properties after having sold them but this us untrue.”

You are left with the feeling that something is being suppressed which might be true but you are not allowed to check for yourself. If anyone has a copy of this letter, we know an organisation in the US which would be happy to publish it on the internet. We would of course publish a link to that website on NCFP. You can do this by adding an image to a comment below. The comment will not be published, after the letter has been forwarded, instead it and the image will be deleted.

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