Ex-pat court win ignored by builder?

transformerYou may have read on NCFP about Pauline Read winning her court case for 7 breaches of contract by her builder. She has been on builder’s electric for over 3 years and has had to suffer the extra cost this has entailed. Suddenly she, and the others on the site she occupies, has been given an ultimatum.  Pauline informed me that the builder has joined forces with Santa Fe, having changed the electric project with Kibtek’s approval, and as a result of this all those involved are now being  told that unless each home owner pays £2300 towards a transformer which will be installed by Just Ltd for their builder in conjunction with Santa Fe,  then the builder has told them that Kibtek will cut them off and they will have no electricity.
Ironically, this was one of the 7 breaches of contract Pauline took her builder to Court for and about which the judge had found in her favour. This leaves those on the site in the same situation as Pauline in that they are being asked by the builder for money which the court has judged should not be paid. I doubt this will help them as it looks as if Kibtek has not been paid and that the builder has no intention of paying the bill. Unlike the other residents on the site, Pauline has secured injunctions on the builder’s property and could in theory sell this property to pay her share of Kibtek’s bill. Unfortunately this is not the case for the other residents so it is doubtful that Kibtek’s bill will be paid and, despite Pauline’s win in the court, it looks as if she will soon to be without electricity.
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