The Gold Fassl Debate

gold-fasslWhilst many beer drinkers speak critically of Gold Fassl beer, it is the cheapest beer in the supermarkets in north Cyprus. Currently 6 bottles are being sold for 8TL, approximately 55p a pint and almost half the price of “Efizz” as my partner calls Efes. This price is clearly displayed on the packs and so is constant throughout the north, and you might even be lucky to find an old 7TL pack.

Those who drink it regularly say that its taste is closer to UK bitter than to traditional lager and therefore it is usually lager drinks who complain about its taste and who prefer Turkish Efes instead. It is brewed on licence in Famagusta and is as close to the original Austrian beer’s flavour as local brewing practices can achieve. It is this Austrian beer which is usually reviewed on websites, and so perhaps it is not fair to quote these reviews, but in the absence of local reviews here are a few:

fasslAs you can read, it’s a bit like Marmite: some love it, some hate it and others can take it or leave it. It is, however, the only beer actually brewed in north Cyprus and so you would be doing the local economy a favour if you drank it. Obviously, the more you drink the more you would help the embargoed Turkish Cypriots and that would probably explain why my partner drinks so much.

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