Do those who are about to evict the Kulaksiz 5 victims have a conscience?

Since choosing to live in North Cyprus I have learned many things. When I am angry at the injustices being heaped on so many of us here, both foreigners and Turkish Cypriots alike, I have raged and said ‘what am I doing in this God forsaken country’.  When I calm down I realise how unfair I am being to even think that.
The true followers of Islam are good, moral people and represent the majority of the indigenous population here and will help you in any way they can. What I have come the realise is that far from this being a ‘God forsaken country’ a small minority holding too much power have ‘forsaken God’ In their quest for power and wealth, they have forgotten all they were taught and all that makes Islam so special.
Allah has allowed trading and forbidden usury. Yet here we are, seeing Banks applying rates of interest that could not be described in any other way than USURY. How can 250%, later reduced to 80% per quarter compound, be described in any other way than USURY?
Intimidating the old and the infirm with such indifference is not the Islamic way. Evicting people to satisy a debt they did not incur, a debt that has increased unbelievably by the use of usurious rates of interest is not the Islamic way.
A Turkish Cypriot friend once told me that it is not unusual for a Moslem to ask ‘what did you do for God today?’ If anyone were to ask this question of any member of the Kader family, I wonder what their answer would be.   If someone had asked them that question on the 30th July 2010, directly after their break in at my villa and the attempted vehicular attack on my partner, I wonder what their answer would have been.
Judge Usar must truly believe the comment attributed to him when he is quoted as saying that K5 residents would not suffer irreversible harm it they were evicted. We all know what we think, God will be the final Judge.
Mortgages are just one of the many property problems. There are so many other property related problems to be addressed.  How wonderful if the perpetrators of these crimes turned their back on greed and avarice and returned to their origins and beliefs. In other words returned to their faith.
I am a Christian, my faith sustains me.  I will continue to campaign for the rights of all who been so cruelly used in the property market.  On my Day of Judgement I pray I will not be found wanting.
Never give in, never give up.
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