Details of Akfinan Bank’s Kulaksiz 5 mortgages

It seems Akfinans Bank are being a little coy about the amount of the original loans and the date they were taken out.

The £1,600 sterling was taken out in MARCH 2005 The 100,000 lire was taken out in NOVEMBER 2005 I am attaching a copy of the land registry search so now we all know the amounts of the original loans.  The truth shall set you free, it is also very liberating, you should try it AKFINANS BANK LIMITED.

Had Akfinans Bank sent out a surveyor, as one would expect, he would have seen FOR SALE painted in huge letters on the villa I bought but not on the other villas, most of which were totally complete. That sign stayed on my villa after I purchased it and was left there until it was finally painted over in early 2006. The clues were all there, they chose to ignore them. Now they have the cheek to say that we claim to have bought them.  Akfinans Bank Limited, you know I did, you saw all the information when I tried to Appeal your Repossession Order. Stop trying to muddy the water, it does you no credit.

Everything about this case leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Redeem yourselves whilst you can – AKFINANS BANK LIMITED – do the right thing, take the three houses belonging to Yuksel Yilmaz, landowner and write off the rest of the debt. Stop persecuting innocent pensioners, there is nothing heroic in that. It takes a coward to continue this cruel act – it takes real men to admit they are wrong. Legal Yes.  Right No.

The auction is still scheduled for 6th June 2010 at the Coffee Shop at Karsiyaka Square at 10.00 am. be early – If you care – be there on D DAY

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