Akfinans, the bank which allegedly charges 80% on its loans

One week to go. Can you imagine how the people of Kulaksiz 5 are feeling. They have been to hell and back and ‘the powers that be’ sit back and let it happen.

People in the autumn of their lives suffering the agony of uncertainty; it is the last thing they think of before they go to sleep at night (that is if they can sleep) and the first thing they think of on waking. It is a form of torture and then, to compound the cruelty, Akfinans Bank issue the intimidatory notice to try to silence them. Their health, their spirit, their very lives are being torn apart including Mike Watkins-Jones who fought for us all when he was just 21 years old. How can it be right to make anyone homeless to satisfy a mortgage they knew nothing about?

Akfinans accuse us of blackmailing the state and bringing the TRNC into disrepute. Look to yourselves Akfinans Bank Limited, it is YOU who are blackmailing helpless pensioners attempting to frighten them. You are bringing the attention of the world on this lovely island for all the wrong reasons. Do you really believe there is anyone who thinks what you are doing is right? It may be legal – but it is not right.

‘J’accuse’ the opening line of a very famous letter written by Emile Zola to the President of France about a terrible injustice. This letter was dated 13 January 1898 – here we are in the 21st century still witnessing terrible injustices. Will we ever learn?

Be at the Auction next Sunday the 6th of June (D Day) to be held at the Coffee Shop in Karşiyaka Square. Maybe it would be appropriate to observe a 2 minutes silence on the stroke of 10.00am. Be early as it starts at 10.00 a.m. prompt.

If you care – be there

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