Watch Pauline Read tell the truth about Akfinan Bank on Ada TV

Here it is folks, what you have all been waiting for, well okay, what I have been waiting for. My programme with Hasan Hasturer on ADA TV

It has been condensed into 7 x 10 minute YouTube programmes. I am told the first is mainly in Turkish. However for those of you who do not speak Turkish, I am told it is a dialogue from Hasan, telling how he met a gentleman outside the studio, he shook his hand and realised this man had a severe disability in that hand. He goes on to say, it is the same man (Chris) who is accused of attacking the Akfinans bums as they were breaking into our villa, he goes on to say, he could not see how a man with such a disability could even hold a baseball bat, never mind attack someone with it. The second 10 minute slot is also in Turkish although I do come into it. The rest, whether you are Turkish Cypriot or British, I am sure you will find interesting.

I would like to claim it as my 15 minutes of fame, but to be honest I would like to fade into obscurity and enjoy the rest of my life without incident.

Never give in, never give up.

***Removed at the request of Ada TV who hold the copyright***

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