Pauline Read Demands that the TRNC Refunds Her Legal Costs


I sent this email to Mr Ersin Tatar this morning. I would like to share it with everyone

Dear Minister,

I would like to formally request that the Government refund all my legal costs and take over the paying of my future legal costs.

 I consider this a perfectly reasonable request taking the following points into consideration:

 1. The Government has failed to protect my interests as an investor in the TRNC.

2. The Government has failed to protect me by not ensuring that all the laws pertaining to property purchase are airtight.

3. The Government has allowed my interests to be secondary to those of Akfinans Bank Limited.

If the Government had acted to ensure that all purchaser’s property transactions were controlled and supervised by competent people, the situation that exists in the Property Sector would not have occurred. Had the Government acted diligently and ensured that all who purchase in the TRNC were protected by strong legislation, the need for me to spend more of my hard earned money in the courts would not have been necessary. Had the Government exercised a ‘duty of care’ over the property sector, instead of the Kader family now living in my villa at 5 Demokrasi Sokak, Karsiyaka, it would be me. The need for me to purchase another property would not have been necessary and the deliberate and spiteful way the Government are withholding my Permission to Purchase on this new property would not have occurred.

As Finance Minister, I assume you have the authority to grant my very reasonable request.

Yours faithfully,

Pauline Ann Read

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