Pauline Read Wrestling with the ***DELETED*** Bank & Legal Tag Team

I am so looking forward to the main event.  It is a tag team wrestling match worthy of sponsorship by WWE Raw.

In the WRONG corner we have a bank, all it’s family owning members, a legal team infamous for claiming memberships of august bodies that would not give them the time of day. In the RIGHT corner we have Pauline Read, property campaigner, admin of Stop the Blackmail, gob on a stick (or so she says) a 67 year old with the will of a 20 year old, fighting way above her weight.

The referee is looking doubtful, will he let the match continue, oh no, he is saying it is unfair to the bank, clearly he is another in the pay of the bank.

Pauline isn’t waiting, she rushes in with a ‘250% interest rate’ to the throat. The bank counters with a ‘the law allows it’ but Pauline is not deterred. She throws in a ‘80% quarterly interest rate compound’, the bank crawls over to their corner and tags the legal team. Akan gives Pauline the evil eye, she says ‘no thank you, you keep it, you will need it.’ clearly this is turning into a no holds barred contest.

Pauline has the bit between her teeth, oh sorry no, it’s Akan’s leg. I hope she has had her rabies shot. They wrestle and even though her opponent has an age and weight advantage, she is not letting go of his leg, oh no, she has gone for his arm too! It is hard to hear what she is saying. No I’ve got it, she is shouting something about his fees, what was that Pauline? Got it, she is saying he charges an arm and a leg for his services. Nice move Pauline.

On no, the Bailiff has just entered the ring, he is serving a Writ on Pauline. Surely the referee will not allow this. The crowd are screaming but the referee is sat in the WRONG corner with his back to the match, drinking coffee. The family are smiling. Oh dear, red rag to a bull. Pauline rushes to her corner, she tags someone. Who is this? oh no it’s Husnu. He rushes in, drags the mike from the commentator, what is it he is saying? ‘If this referee cannot do the job, resign and let someone else do it’. Sounds familiar, isn’t that what he is always telling the Government to do.

Pauline is tagged again, in she rushes, she looks pretty psyched up, she drags Akan into the centre of the ring, oh no, she is using her knock out technique, run Akan, run, she is about to talk you to death! No she is asking him. ‘does my bum look big in this leotard?’, she has the attention span of a gnat. Akan is a little distracted by this comment, or as Pauline would claim, by her bum since it takes one to know one. Pauline uses this to her advantage, She head butts him, he is on the canvas, Pauline jumps on him, she has his shoulders on the canvas, now why is the referee insisting on counting to 100, surely it should be 3. Pauline gets up and walks out of the ring in disgust. Clearly fair play is not going to take place here either.

The moral of this story is of David and Goliath fame. One little old lady taking on the wealth and the might of a Bank. Will she win?

Time will give us the answer. One thing I do know is that she will fight till the end.

Never give in never give up


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