North Cyprus Property Victims | Who is living in Kulaksiz 5?


It is now almost two years since that fateful day when ***DELETED*** Bank Limited purchased the land covered by the two Kocans that Yuksel Yilmaz had fraudulently offered as security for loans of £1,600 in March 2005 and 100,000 lira in November 2005. Land, and it is important to remember that, on the Kocans it did appear as land and not as villas, even though all 13 villas had been either completed or well on the way to completion even at the time of the first mortgage. The bank were at pains to say that at the time they gave the mortgages, it was only land. However the joint borrower in this fraud, Abdurrahman Guney, swore on oath in a hearing in August 2011 that not only were the bank aware of the villas, they were shown the Contracts and their surveyor visited the site at the time of the mortgages. At that point, the bank decided, yes they did know but were under no obligation to make anyone else aware. Don’t you just love their ethics? This case was lost by the Kulaksiz 5 in a decision given by the Judge on the 26th August 2011. It seems the bank are totally blameless in their own eyes, and indeed on some issues, in the eyes of the law.

I have found a LINK to an article written on the 5th June 2010 when the writer introduced you to the residents/owners at Kulaksiz 5 at that time. This you will recall was the day before the Auction. The first house is still occupied by Camilla, her husband and children, but any sympathy you may have had when you read the story initially, you can forget. They appear to have no problems even though they are directly related to the landowner, Yuksel Yilmaz. The second house is still occupied by Osman and Hatice Karaman and their children and Yuksel Yilmaz’s mother. The story there has changed, they too are comfortably ensconced and in no danger of eviction, they too are directly related to the landowner Yuksel Yilmaz. The third house which belonged to Yuksel Yilmaz still stands empty though much work has been done to it by the bank. These three houses were given as payment to the landowner by the builder. It is important to remember that the landowner Yuksel Yilmaz and the manager of the Girne Branch of the Bank are allegedly lifelong friends. Who said, crime does not pay?

The next villa, owned by Pauline Read is now occupied by Ertug Kader (son of bank owning family) and his family, usually choosing to spend the weekends there. Clearly they have more than one property. You all know the violent way in which they took possession of this villa. They allegedly have this idea that since they can get away with repossessing a villa without a court order, they can also use as much electricity as they want without paying for it.

Bob and Jan French still live next door although the time since the Auction has been spent in constant fear and intimidation.

Irene and Anthony Barclay own the villa next to Bob and Jan. They re-mortgaged their UK home to help fund the purchase of their future retirement home on K5. Both have had major illnesses since the auction but are still having to work to pay off the mortgage in the UK.

Next to Irene and Anthony’s villa live Andrew and Jo Clarke, some 20 years younger than the other residents. They chose to deal with the Bank and have allegedly paid for their villa again for an undisclosed sum. It is interesting to note that their Advocate is allegedly related to the bank owning family.

Across the road and directly opposite the Clarke’s villa is the second villa that was illegally and forcibly repossessed. Will anyone ever forget the photo of the bank bum going through Eva McCluskey’s bedroom window? Sadly Walter McCluskey never realised his dream of living in the sun, after purchasing the villa but before being able to move in, Walter passed away, the stress of the situation could not have helped this very ill man. Both were in the late 70’s, Eva is now too sick to return to North Cyprus, and even if she were not, where would she stay?

Next door to the McCluskey villa is the villa owned by Rachelle. Rachelle has had other battles to fight too, having had a life threatening illness, not helped by the constant stress of this situation. Rachelle lives in the U.K. Her villa on Kulaksiz 5 is furnished and she has spent several holidays in it.

Next to Rachelle’s villa is the corner villa owned by Arline Barclay. Arline has multiple sclerosis and could not possibly cope with such a stressful situation, so her son Richard and his girlfriend are looking after her interests.

Marion and Dave Wilson own the villa next door to Arline’s. Marion has been ill and has been in the U.K. Dave is living in the villa.

Around the corner but still next door to Marion and Dave’s home is the villa owned by Margaret and Brian Freeman. They too borrowed against their UK home to help fund this villa, their intentions to eventually spend more and more time in North Cyprus in their retirement.

The last villa, next to Brian and Margaret’s is occupied by Phil and Mike Watkin-Jones. Mike is in his 89th year, Phil is a few years younger.

Nine families, aged from their middle 60’s to 89 years old. Their only crime, they unknowingly purchased from crooks. The bank cannot be blameless in this tragedy, what respectable bank would loan to applicants a second time when the first loan was 8 months in arrears? What reputable bank would charge 250% interest later changed to 80% per quarter compound? What decent bank would break into a villa and repossess it without a court order, not once but twice? Now we know of a third time, the villa belonging to Gary Wadhams and Terence Bushell on another site. What ethical bank would knowingly give a mortgage on a property already sold to a third party?

I am not surprised they want to gag the press, gag Pauline Read and have her deported. Their behaviour is hardly something to be proud of.

O.B. Joyful

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