Pauline Read Opinion | **DELETED** Bank has, in effect, gagged me

This past week has been a funny old week. A week in which I have met with so many new and interesting people. Not only have they been interesting, they have also been interested. Interested in what is happening to all of the property victims here in North Cyprus.

What really struck me is how many ordinary Turkish Cypriots know very little of what is going on in the property market. Some even believed that the Kulaksiz 5 situation has been resolved Many were appalled to know that, contrary to their beliefs, the Kulaksiz 5’s situation worsens daily. The aim is to change this situation so that every man, woman and child in North Cyprus knows of this national shame and voices their disgust at it. Afrika newspaper made a good start when they headlined details with the word UTANIN.

Until that matter of the Writ against me for Libel is resolved, I intend to write little but to go out and meet new and interesting people a lot. I know I can depend on them to get the message across. That **DELETED** Bank wish to silence me is apparent, first by having me removed from the Kulakiz case which they failed to do and latterly with the Writ. I have no comment to make about the Writ other than I am innocent of all they accuse me of.

Will I stop looking for justice? You might as well ask me to stop breathing before I can say yes to that. I will be part of the Kulaksiz 5 cases both domestically and in the ECHR until the end of the cases or until I receive the £120,000 awarded to me by the Girne District Court in my Breach of Contract case on the 6th November 2009. Will I then stop looking for justice, well as I told Mr. Ozkan Yorgancioglu, the leader of the main opposition party in a recent meeting, I will not stop until I have justice or my death, whichever comes first. I see no reason to change what I said.

I recorded a one hour programme on the 13th February 2012, a questions and answers format which I believed would not be aired. I was wrong. It was aired and I am told will be repeated. You can relax Akan baby, I never referred to **DELETED** Bank once by name. Interestingly this programme does go out in London and we do have a good number of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group members there. I hope some of you caught the programme.

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