North Cyprus Property Problems | “Where are the press now?”

NCFP published this article about the Tutuska auction on 12/6/2010:
“I could feel the loving and caring pouring out from you all. In the midst of true evil, good was pushing its way to the top. The tenacious Haluk from Ada T.V. who rushes in where angels fear to tread in his search for truth. Wonderful journalists like Kerem Hasan at Kibris Star and Cyprus Star. Ian Sheppard and Tom Roche who have reported our plight with the sensitivity that can only come from a true caring nature. Cyprus Today, all the TV and newspaper journalists in the Turkish speaking press who have rallied to our support by keeping us on their front pages. (Editor: erm, aren’t you forgetting someone?)”
Where are the press now? Afrika Gazetesi is just where it has always been, at the forefront, reporting on injustice, uncovering corruption and never frightened to ‘publish and be damned’ the old maxim of the free press. We have all seen the old Hollywood films where a harassed editor with a cigar hanging from his lips shouts  ‘hold the front page’. (Editor: erm, aren’t you forgetting someone?)

Back in June 2010, the North Cyprus media were there doing what we expect of them, reporting the news.  Today sadly so many have been silenced.  Why did they misreport, did they lie, did they truly fall foul of the Bank Law No: 39/2001?  I do not believe so. The truth is a commodity that should be able to stand on its own, however if it goes unreported it lies in the dust.

Of course the press should not print lies, but living in North Cyprus I have found the truth sometimes to be so incredible, You Could Not Make It Up.

Following on the Kulaksiz Auction of 6th June 2010 came the Tutuska Auction of the 13th June 2010. Fortunately there were no bidders at the Tutuska Auction although I have to admit there was a near miss when one man showed interest but was persuaded that it was not right to profit from other people’s misery.

You would all be forgiven for believing the statement made by Nurretin Tutuska (after his release from prison) in June 201 that he would pay off the debts and that the owners would be problem free. Very little has been reported to make you think otherwise. You would be wrong. As with his sales contracts, Tutuska did not keep his word and after long and expensive court battles the Tutuska victims have won their cases against him and have those wonderful bits of paper from the court called Memorandums. Bits of paper that merely confirm their interest in their own legally bought and paid for homes. Bits of paper that put them way down the list of creditors on their homes and in effect mean they will get NOTHING. (Editor: except a large legal bill)

To add insult to injury they then had to listen to a Judge telling them that buying in North Cyprus is like putting your money on the Stock Market (Borsa). It is a great pity this attitude was not revealed at the start of the buying process and not at the very end, when every legal remedy has been exhausted. It was also suggested that since it would take at least 5 years to get them out of their homes legally, they should look on the money they paid for their homes as rent, 5 years rent.   What planet do these people live on, they must have salaries sufficient to start again and so huge that such a loss means nothing to them.  These buyers are ordinary decent folk who sought to own their own home, not rent it. In the case of the Tutuska victims, I doubt anyone of them would have envisaged paying over £10,000 a year in rent, indeed I know they would not have been able to afford such rent as they are either pensioners or in low income jobs.  How dare these people be so philosophical for them. How dare they assume that such a blow is something they should just shake off.

To everyone who says, it is how it is, accept it,  I say, try walking a mile in the shoes of the victims, maybe then you may have an opinion worth listening to. If, as they say, it is how it is, then I say, it is unacceptable and must be changed.

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