Pauline Read | a Radio and TV interview and I mentioned ***DELETED*** Bank

Oh what a day. I have today appeared on Genc TV for almost two hours this morning. The format of the programme was questions and answers. The programme went out live from about 8.30am to 10.30am our time.  My good friend Husnu was the interpreter and we covered my story from the beginning in September 2005 till to date. Obviously I am not able to tell the story for the whole of Kulaksiz 5 but since our trials and tribulations here are so similar, in many ways, my story is their story. I do hope some of the members of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group were able to catch the programme.

I also told the viewers of my additional legal case, the infamous Libel Writ. There was a little excitement when I accidentally mentioned the name of the bank that cannot be mentioned. However, I covered my mouth with my hand and said “oops, sorry”. However, the TV company received a phone call from ***DELETED*** Bank’s legal representative who insisted I was not sorry and that I had mentioned them deliberately. Now that is really hurtful, I promise you it was just a lapse of concentration and a slip of the tongue. All at the TV studio seemed to think it was a good programme and said very nice things about it. When asked about the Libel Writ, I could only answer truthfully. I admit nothing other than I am a very truthful person.

We then travelled to yet another studio, this time a radio studio where we did another questions and answers programme from 12.00 noon until 2.00pm. I would say that between the two programmes we covered just about everything there was to cover. The person who arranged this second programme told me that he had spoken to their legal advisers and there was no reason why I should not name ***DELETED*** Bank in the programme as long as I made no allegations against them or made any adverse comments. I can honestly say, I did not.

What next? Well I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you. I am joking. For very obvious reasons, I am only able to report on my activities after the event.

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