North Cyprus Property Victims | Solution To Kulaksiz 5 Property Problem

I am not a politician, I have never negotiated anything in my life.  I do know however, that the situation that exists here in my beloved TRNC with regard to the property situation cannot and should not be allowed to continue. With this is mind I have a ‘cunning plan’, well in fact, not at all cunning but I just love saying that.  The plan is devastatingly simple, so simple I am surprised no one has suggested it before, or maybe they have and it has been rejected. If that is the case, maybe it is time to look at it again. Just think about it, if this were adopted in some form, it would be the first step that could lead to solving all the property issues.  Surely as people who love our country, we all want that?


The original owners of Kulaksiz 5 are becoming ill with the situation, their lives blighted by what is happening to them. The Bank must also be tired and must surely want this situation to be resolved.

Here is my suggestion, which will need further discussion and refinement, but it could be the basis for a solution.

  1. The Bank pay each of the original owners 50% of the purchase price of their property.
  2. The Government, maybe with the help of The Republic of  Turkey through the Immovable Property Commission or a loan, pay each of the original owners 50% of the purchase price.
  3. Either the Bank and Government jointly, or just the Government, pay each member of the Kulaksiz  5  £10,000  to cover their costs and legal expenses.

This may seem too simplistic but often the most workable suggestions are those that are simple and therefore most easily achieved.

The end result of such a solution would be, the Bank keep the properties at  Kulaksiz  5, the original owners then have a choice of moving on or if they wish to keep their  properties, they will have the money to negotiate buying them back from the bank. Clearly the original owners cannot expect to have the money and the property and, despite claims from the bank that I expected to do just that, I never did.

The new Bank Interest Law will help other victims, but I can see that there is the potential to help them too within this plan.

I urge the Bank and the Government not to reject this out of hand. Think about it before making any decision. I am sure the owners do not want this situation  to continue. The Bank(s) do not want this situation to continue and by adopting this plan or something similar the Banks come out of this with their reputation and pride intact.The Government and the Republic of Turkey can use this plan to show the World  ‘this is how we do things’  and in doing so restore confidence in our Property Sector which will have a knock on effect on the Tourist Industry,  the Property Tourist Industry and the economy.

We all are striving for the same end, to keep our beloved country strong, vibrant and healthy.

DISCLAIMER:   This  suggestion  is made by Pauline Ann Read as an individual and a member of the Kulaksiz 5 litigation team.  She is speaking for herself only.

Pauline Ann Read

A Patriot of her adopted country the TRNC

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