Sherwood Breezes Review – 3rd Time Unlucky

Sherwood Breezes, Lara Beach, Antalya, TurkeySherwood Breezes Review: It was great to have a break but was unfortunate that we chose an all-inclusive deal at a hotel we’d visited twice before, at exactly the same time of the year. We’d previously rated Sherwood Breezes Resort 4-stars both times on Trip Advisor and on the form the hotel supplied. This time we gave it 2-stars. The location on Lara Beach, Antalya in Turkey, is good and there are dozens of other similar hotels to compete with and so we expected the hotel to continue to be competitive. Unfortunately things had changed this year.

To make it clear, we paid £40 per room per night for the hotel part of the holiday and for that price, if we hadn’t been before, we would probably have been less dissatisfied. But even then, there were a few areas where information was blatantly false and so we would probably have complained anyway. We’d read elsewhere that customer service had deteriorated here but had decided that these people were just being picky, unfortunately not true.

Arrival was good, we were early and we were told to have breakfast and the room would be ready around 11:00 and we could go up then. Breakfast was good but not exceptional (3-stars). This was a good start and true to their word we were in our room on time. The rooms are spacious, although the beds were a little hard, but no complaints there (4-stars). We took it easy and then had a disappointing lunch, repeated throughout the week. The food looked like yesterday’s food mashed and warmed up (2-stars). The evening meal was much better (4-stars). We tried the alcoholic drinks and quite quickly gave up on the few “cocktails” available, they were awful and syrupy. We stuck to simple drinks which couldn’t easily be ruined, such as rum & Coke and Martini & lemonade; well not always . The Rose wine was quite good, however (3-stars).

The entertainments were awful, but that was not unexpected, we just did not find a midget with two bits of card for teeth and a taller person with a drawn on moustache all that funny. There were no attempts to mix with the guests and we’d often find the entertainment team together amusing themselves rather than the guests. Previously there had been live music in the restaurant and themed nights but not this time. (1-star).

One lunch was spoiled when the roof of the only large restaurant developed a leak and we were amused by one waiter trying to dry the ceiling with a napkin on the end of a broom handle. I photographed this scene and was immediately confronted by the Head of Customer Relations demanding that I deleted the photo. They were quite taken aback when I told them I wouldn’t. After a lengthy argument the Manager was called and agreed she had no right to tell me to delete the photo. (0-stars).

In the evening we thought we’d try the other two bars as the bar closest to reception was crowded, noisy and difficult to get served. According to the sheet we were given these alternative bars were the Tema Bar (open 10:00-24:00) and Adults only Pub Sherwood Dreams (20:00-24:00). We went down to the Tema Bar at 20:30 and found it closed so we went to the Reception where a disinterested Receptionist insisted we were wrong. Returning with a photo of the closed bar she looked at it, shrugged, and turned her back on us. We then tried the  Pub Sherwood Dreams and that too was closed. The next day it was confirmed that only one bar was open to cope with all the guests (1-star).

Our next irritation was the constant attempts to get us to tip, admittedly not in the case of the waiters and bar staff. The first attempt was a cleaner on the second day, knocking on our door rattling some coins and saying “change, change!” It turned out she meant for us to give her a tip. On previous visits our rooms had been cleaned thoroughly and promptly and we’d given a big tip at the end of the holiday. This time the floors were still sticky and ash tray un-emptied and the woman was asking for a tip after taking 3 minutes to clean our rooms at 16:30 (1-star).

We left deciding we’d never return and that we would tell other guests of our experiences. If you can get the price that we did and have not been before then it might be a tolerable holiday. But then you could always try alternative hotels such as the superb Royal Wings Hotel or the excellent Concorde Resort & Spa Hotel on either side of the Sherwood Breezes, both of which we have been satisfied customers of.

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