North Cyprus Property | “Is someone at Kib-Tek abusing their power?”

As an outside observer, I have to ask the Government of the TRNC, who runs your country? Now the answer should be obvious, but sorry, it is not.

The Prime Minister says that Kib-Tek must restore the electricity to the Kulaksiz 5 homes. It gets restored.┬áKib-Tek then mount a legal action against this decision. Kib-Tek are aware that the arrears on the joint bill for the whole supply of electricity to the properties has been caused deliberately and with malice of forethought through ***DELETED*** Bank’s occupation of the villa they illegally repossessed on the K5 site.

This villa being the first of three they have repossessed illegally (without a court order). Why would anyone be surprised that they would expect their electricity supply free of charge, what the bank wants, the bank takes. Kib-Tek appear to be working hand in glove with the bank and assisting in their attempt to force the residents to leave their properties. How can this be, Kib-Tek are a state owned company? Kib-Tek know that each and every person legally occupying property on Kulaksiz 5 are not in arrears. Why are they doing this? Who at Kib-Tek is behind this. What is his motive? Is there any familial relationship between him and the bank owning family?

It is no surprise to know that allegedly the Advocate for the bank was alongside the Advocate for Kib-Tek in the recent court hearing.

Now I can understand the bank wanting to have the electricity supply cut to the beleaguered residents, but why are Kib-Tek colluding in this? Surely the cash strapped industry has better use for its money than making the lives of innocent pensioners even more of a misery. The bank are doing a pretty good job of that, why should a state owned industry side with such bullies? Is someone at Kib-Tek abusing their power?

Again I ask the question, who is running the country? I am sure the voters did not see Kib-Tek or the bank’s name on the ballot papers.

It is apparent to all thinking human beings that something very fishy is going on here. This bank wields power out of all proportion to its size, is there no one in the TRNC prepared to take it on, to say enough is enough?

Perhaps it is time for the Union representing the rank and file workers at Kib-Tek to get involved?

Citizen Smith

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