North Cyprus Property | Ada TV programme criticises advocate Naomi Mehmet


As I did tell you in the first article about the Ada TV show on Tuesday, I would have missed out some of the facts. It was after all a very long programme, and again in the ‘wee small hours’ some of the things discussed came back to me.

Hasan Hastürer did squeeze out of me the name of my Advocate who did the conveyancing when I purchased my villa on Kulaksiz 5. At first I was reluctant and really I do not know why because she has not treated me at all well. Hasan pushed me and I revealed it was Naomi Mehmet. I also told him that although she had given me written confirmation that the services I was buying from her included a search of the land, in fact in 2008 I discovered that she had not obtained the search. In her attempt to assure me she had indeed tried, that the Tapu were being most uncooperative with Advocates at that time, she sent me a copy of the application for my search. Unfortunately, this confirmed that although I had signed the Contract on 14th September 2005, she had applied for the search in November 2005, all well and good you may think until you realise she had parted with £60,200 of my purchase money on the 3rd October 2005 by giving it to the builder. She was very indignant that I might have gone ahead even if I had known about the £1,200 mortgage put on the property in March 2005. I assured her, that as a former Building Society Manager, I most certainly would not have. However it might have been nice to make that decision at the time and not find out about the existence of the mortgage in March 2008, when it was far too late. Ms Mehmet showed me many emails she had sent to her colleagues in 2005 bemoaning the lack of co-operation by the Tapu. I felt obliged to point out to her that she might have done all she claimed, but didn’t she have an obligation to inform the one person it affected most… ME? Finding out about events that took place at the time of my purchase two years and six months after the event was about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Towards the end of the show Hasan talked about my Permission to Purchase on my new property. You remember the one that Halkin Sesi or Talat Kurşat must have had access to, to be able to quote the date and contents of a letter from my Advocate (yes Ms. Mehmet) sent to the Ministry of the Interior and is on that file. How else could he have that information, I know Ms Mehmet would not have given it to them, even though she now refuses to act for me in this matter although I have paid her for this service and she has not completed her part.

How and why she ‘fell out’ with me is for another story. My Permission to Purchase file has been at the Bakan (Ministry of the Interior) since February 2011 awaiting the approval of the Council of Ministers, all other checks are fine and this is the last step in the process. Whilst she still acted for me Ms Mehmet said she felt the delay was not personal. I am sorry Naomi, I think it is very much a personal issue, a form of punishment for telling the truth.

Hasan Hastürer did make a promise to me on air, that I would get my Permission to Purchase, that he would push the Ministry for it every week until I did. Husnu joined in and said, so would he, the two other victims also said they would. I then said, so that makes five of us pushing for it. You have to remember that Ertug Kader (bank family) is on the Encumeni Committee (TRNC Town/Property planning committee) that meets regularly, guess where? No prizes, the answer is too easy, this committee comes under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior, and where is my Permission to Purchase file? Do I even have to tell you.

Never give in never give up.

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