Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | K5 Interim Injunction Granted Pending Bank Objection

There was some success for the Kulaksiz 5 at the Lefkosa Appeal Court. They were apparently granted an Interim Injunction against the sale of their properties by Akfinans Bank, at least until 28th September. By that date Akfinans Bank have to lodge their own appeal against this decision and there will be another date set in which the application for an injunction against the sale of the K5 properties will be hopefully decided in the victims’ favour.

If this final appeal goes in K5’s favour then Akfinans Bank would be unable to sell the properties unless K5’s case against them is finished. The appeal was apparently the first time that TRNC Mortgage Law 11/78 was brought into the argument and so K5 victims are hopeful that Akfinans Bank’s title deeds, including the villas contracted before mortgages were placed on the land, will be found faulty under this law.

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