TRNC Economy – they really don’t get it!

I find it very difficult these days to come up with positive thinking. I’m so used to having my low expectations not reached, that nothing; really nothing seems to shock me into outrage any more. It’s not resignation, it’s not apathy, it’s more a realisation that there is a mentality difference between me and here, North Cyprus I mean.

I took a trip with some friends to the Karpaz and we decided to have a look at the new Noah’s Ark Hotel in Bafra. Nice looking place on the inside, the outside, well a matter of taste. We had a look at the Restaurant, closed! The patisserie, closed! the pub & snack bar closed! However from the lobby we could see people being served with coffees and so off we toddled and sat down waiting to be served. Some half a dozen waiters and waitresses were in the scrum position round the counter which was filled with an array of delicacies. It took one of us to stand up and get someone to serve us. Please bear in mind this is a 5* establishment. Eventually a waitress came, tutted when we said we were paying cash and traipsed off to get the order. The coffees were slopped in the saucers and when his was pointed out she just shrugged. That’s life. Asking for serviettes to mop up the mess was met with ill hidden malice. Think that’s all? Think again. We hadn’t even finished drinking when the bill including fancy leather wallet was dropped (literally) onto the table. No chance to order anything else then. The message was quite clear.

Before we left I went to the loo. Spotless and very modern, I cannot fault them, pity the list on the back of the door signed by whoever checked them for cleanliness every hour etc. just like McDs. Only here it had been filled out for the next four hours in advance.

We then went on to lunch at Golden Beach. Lovely place, never seen it so full, never seen it so full of rubbish either. The waiter asked us if we liked it, which we answered affirmatively except for the rubbish; we’re not talking about the odd plastic bottles or cans but sackfuls of domestic rubbish dumped by locals. The waiter said it was good because it gave local people jobs clearing it up. Heh? That’s like going to the toilet in bed to increase bed sales.

So when I picked the paper up from my local supermarket this morning and read the headline “Oil Strike Imminent” who can blame me for thinking which stupid trade union is behind this then, no petrol. When’s it going to happen? Then reading the article and discovering that they meant discovering oil underground I began thinking, this is more whitewash to take peoples’ mind off real the problems here. I just wonder what excuses will be made if it doesn’t come true?

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