Kulaksiz 5 Hearing – 15/3/2012

The hearing for the Kulaksiz 5 group took place today. Several of the group were present. I sent Chris and Husnu as my proxy.

Remembering my experience at the last hearing when the very nice Bailiff and the very nice policemen were waiting for me with two Writs, I decided discretion is the better part of valour. I waited for my ‘ boys’ somewhere else, it is true I was feeling a little unwell and I didn’t think I would have the strength to carry an armload of Writs. My ‘boys’ tell me there was no sign of the Bailiff but I am sure a phone call from the lovely young lady who was there for Akfinans would have summonsed his presence if I had made an appearance.

As it happens I missed very little. An adjournment was called for because negotiations were going on between the parties involved.

I wonder what they are? The next hearing is scheduled for Friday 13th April 2012. Spooky.

My friend Husnu did go and introduce himself to the Judge in chambers before the hearing, obviously that conversation is private.

Pauline Read

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