Gary Robb’s £1.6m to be seized by UK Court

According to Chronicle News, Gary Robb a former North Cyprus citizen is about to have the £1.6 m seized when he attempted to transfer it to Thailand, confiscated by the courts, this just weeks before he becomes a free man.

Robb, is at present serving a sentence in the RoC for allegedly building on Greek Cypriot land in Amaranta Valley and other charges.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) justify seizure of this money, they were instrumental in intercepting whilst it was being transferred to Thailand, because they claim it is some of the proceeds of his dishonest holiday homes scheme in North Cyprus.

That such a scheme exists cannot be challenged, witness the hundreds of pensioners, many British are now penniless because of this scheme.   The lawyer for the prosecution claimed ‘Not a single property was completed in one of the developments.  That remains the case today.  “Work on  properties in the second site appears to have been progressed and completed, but by and at the expense of the customers with properties there.”

The article goes on to describe the luxurious life style enjoyed by Robb in North Cyprus until 2009 when he was deported an faced trial  for the seizure of £10,000 worth of ecstasy, amphetamines and cannabis.    Robb who had been granted citizenship of North Cyprus had Turkish Cypriot Directors of his company Aga Development and a well known Turkish Cypriot Advocate as his co shareholder, Mr Akan Kursat.    It is believed that the European Arrest warrant issued by  the RoC for the arrest of Mr Kursat is still current.

Robb denies that the property venture was dishonest and is fighting to keep the cash.   Many of the now property less and penniless  purchasers of Amaranta Valey may wish to disagree with him.  Other sites built by this company have memorandums on them and recently an auction due on one site was postponed.   It is alleged that several million pounds was paid to the company, clearly not spent on completing the properties, so the question remains, where is this money?

Robb’s brother James – who ran the Blue Monkey in Sunderland asked that the case  be adjourned until his brother completes his sentence because he intends to return to the UK.   After absconding to North Cyprus whilst awaiting trial many years ago, it was no surprise that Mr Justice Mackay refused this request ruling that statements collected from Mr Robb  by his solicitors would be enough to ensure a fair hearing.

The case continues.

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