Asil Nadir court case interrupted when wife falls off horse in Hyde Park

So Nur, the young wife of millionaire tycoon Asil Nadir, falls off her horse in Hyde Park. Sorry if I cannot summon up a lot of pity, I am saving that for the victims of the property scams in the home of the disgraced tycoon, North Cyprus.

I am sure many of them would love to spend a pleasant afternoon in Hyde Park horseback riding. However they have rather more pressing problems like keeping the errant bank from their doors or coming in through their bedroom windows.

Whilst Asil Nadir and his wife spend a pleasant springtime in London, albeit interrupted by the need for Mr Nadir to attend court for his trial on the charges connected to his failed company Polly Peck, the members of K5 are fighting for their right to keep their homes. I then read that the need for Mr Nadir to rush to the hospital bedside of his young wife rates as reason enough to cause a halt in his legal proceedings. I rather suspect that in Mr Nadir’s country of origin, it would take a tsunami to halt the onslaught of the bank in their efforts to get the Kulaksiz 5 thrown out of their homes.

So while Mr Nadir enjoys a pleasant and civilised life of luxury in the Belgrave home of a friend, the Kulaksiz 5 spend their lives in fear, in the very spartan surroundings of the site at Kulaksiz 5. Mr Nadir enjoys the UK tax payer footing his legal bills by having been granted legal aid. The Kulaksiz 5 are dipping into what is left of their rainy day money and are unable to afford the little luxuries in life, like a constant and guaranteed supply of electricity, albeit at a very inflated price.

Does anyone else but me, not see this as a comparison which beggars belief. That there is a stark contrast between the way the two sets of victims are treated is blindingly obvious. That Mr Nadir is being given rights that he takes for granted is also blindingly obvious. The K5 and all property victims are not being afforded the same rights in the 21st century is an assault on all that we hold to be fair and just.

Citizen Smith

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