Bektas Supermarket closed and part of the November 13th Auction

Today, a little light might well have been shed about North Cyprus Auction scheduled to take place on Sunday 13th November at the coffee shop opposite Girne District Court.

You will recall the Tapu Ve Kadastro Dairesi form (Notice of Auction) mentions two Kocan numbers 2442 and 2443. It also mentions a Supermarket.

The builder Fatisa Construction Limited used to have the Fatisa Supermarket in Karaoglanoglu and then allegedly rented the property out and it became Bektas Supermarket. Rumours are rife as to the future of the building, however, as far as I am aware the Auction is still scheduled to take place. If there is a change then I guess we will all have to wait till after Bayram to find out.

This morning Chris went to Bektas to buy our bread and found the shop locked and the windows covered with newspaper. There was a delivery man outside scratching his head and when Chris asked what had happened he received the usual shoulder shrugging response. I suspect the delivery man was as surprised as Chris was to find it closed.

On the Auction notice it says Toplam satis Bedeli: 2,317,000 TL which I guess means total selling price. If so it looks like 2,317,001 TL will score you a Supermarket, I doubt it includes stock, so you had better budget for that too.

I feel so sorry for the guy who rented it and all his staff, they were nice and obliging, always offering to get something if it was not in stock.

I cannot say I am entirely surprised. Running a business here in the TRNC seems to be an uphill struggle and shrouded in red tape. The answer to a financial problem the property owner might have is to raise the rent to his tenant, whether the business can stand it or not. Little surprise then that so many commercial units stand empty. Is this auction a sign of what is going to happen to the owners of all those empty units? We are living through difficult times but unless lessons are learned and habits changed, there will be no answer any time soon.

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