Anyone for a quiet coffee in Karsiyaka at 10am on 6th June?

To say this has been a traumatic week would be an understatement. The sheds, you remember the sheds, I eventually had them transported from Kulaksiz 5 to my new home. On the recommendation of a friend we found two excellent young men to help re-assemble them and you will be pleased to hear they are now standing. One shed, however, looking decidedly more healthy than the other. That is Plan B complete.

The most traumatic part of this week is the fact that my builder at the new house, Turkish Cypriot, has decided that my criticism of the quality of his work is totally unjustified and is calling in the Government Building Inspector, now if the inspector is a fully qualified building inspector, he will find the workmanship is shoddy, however if he is the builder’s cousin then God help me. As you would expect, and as I referred to in my article of Tuesday, I have already been told ‘this is Cyprus’ which in their eyes automatically excuses everything. As you all know, I do not agree. Stroking some little man’s ego is not my idea of a good time.

TRNC – do the government want this to be known as the Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption or the Turkish Republic of No Crime? Well we’ll find out on 6th June.  Show your support for the residents of Kulaksiz 5 – be at the auction on Sunday 6th June at the Coffee Shop in Karşiyaka Square 10.00 a.m.


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