Akfinans Bank threatens protesters – feeling guilty perhaps?

It seems folks, we have well and truly yanked Akfinans Bank Limited’s chain. The public announcement in Wednesday’s edition of Cyprus Today is proof of that. See below.

Akfinans Bank Limited – if you want people to have a high opinion of you do the RIGHT THING write off the mortgage debt or find some way of collecting it from the right people – the rogues you lent to.

As a Bank perhaps you can answer the following question:

1. What percentage are you allowed to lend on TMD land?

2. What was the term of the original loan?

3. Who was the borrower and who was the guarantor?

4. Did you take the case to court in 2006?

5. Did you register the rate of interest you were charging with the Central Bank?

I am asking because I really do not know – enlighten me.

What right do I have to ask – just a small one – you intend to auction my house on June 6th – now any sane, sensible person would wonder why I have never been personally informed of this. Why should I have to ask when my home is at stake?

You have ridden roughshod over the rights of others and now YOU complain when we go public. Shame on you! May Allah forgive you, I never will. What you have done may be legal here in North Cyprus but it certainly is not ethical or moral so please do not ask us to silently accept it whilst you shaft us some more. I personally have never said anything untrue about this situation and I have never heard anyone else do so. The truth shall set you free.

Enough is enough.

If like me, you know this to be an abomination then be at the auction on the 6th June Coffee Shop, Karşiyaka Square at 10.00 a.m.

If you care – be there

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