Pauline Read’s TRNC “phones are bugged”

It is common knowledge that Pauline Read is, shall we say, ‘a person of interest’ to the Political Police in North Cyprus. As Pauline herself freely admits, it has taken long enough for anyone to find her so fascinating.

The ***DELETED*** Bank certainly have a strange and sometimes paranoid fixation about her and you would be forgiven for thinking that she certainly has ‘wronged’ them terribly if you see some of their publications about her.

That a Senior Citizen is commanding such attention would be amusing if it were not being taken so seriously but those who frankly should know better. She is the subject of a full Political Investigation, she is accused of being a Greek Cypriot sympathiser and propagandist although I can find no evidence of that. In fact some of the Greek Cypriot posters on North Cyprus Free Press accuse her of being quite the reverse. She has been credited with owning two villas with pools in the South and recently of owning a property in the UK. She tells me that she wishes this were true, but sadly it is not. She was recently accused by the an official of the governing body for the banking industry of conducting a personal vendetta against ***DELETED*** Bank. There have even been calls for her deportation.

Well let us look at that. They take a mortgage on her property, ignore the mortgage law and her rights under that law, lie initially about knowing of the property on the land, charge 250% interest, later changed to 80% per quarter, buy her property at auction, then not willing to wait for court action, break into her property and seize it and then live in it. Whatever reason would she have to conduct a vendetta against them? As Pauline Read says, the Bank may call it a vendetta, she calls it seeking justice through telling the truth.

Now you would assume the Government would be embarrassed at what has happened to this lady, but no, they are buying into the idea of her being a foreign agent. Why else would she be the subject of any investigation? Pauline Read told me of an incident last Saturday, 9th June, the birthday of her partner Agile. Pauline was in the U.S. but naturally on his birthday tried to phone him to wish him Happy Birthday. An American friend phoned the number for her with the intention of handing Pauline the phone when the connection was made, imagine then her friend’s astonishment when she heard a message saying the call was being recorded. She instantly put the phone down thinking perhaps she had misdialled the number, but no, the phone rang once in North Cyprus and Agile used the number displayed to ring back, so no mistake. Confirming what Pauline had long time suspected, her phones are bugged. Pauline told Agile and also made him aware that ‘the shoe that fits the boot is in the fridge’, who’s got cold feet then?

Pauline’s message to the Political Police is simple ‘investigate all you will, you will find nothing simply because there is nothing to find.’ She also said that whoever is listening to her calls will die of boredom. She did however express the opinion that if there is money available to waste on such a nonsense, it could be put towards funding a solution for the Kulaksiz 5 and all other property victims.

Pandora S Box

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