Akfinans Bank Doesn’t Like YouTube Publicity

I have been reading reports that Akfinans Bank are calling for the excellent DVD entitled BANKS BEHAVING BADLY to be removed from YouTube. You will all recall that nowhere in this DVD is there any mention of the bank by name. On what grounds could they justify such a demand?

I have no idea what the complaint is by the Bank, but rumour has it that they are claiming a copy has been sent to a Judge. Clearly all of the Kulaksiz 5, their legal team and supporters would have more sense than to do that, so it has to beg the question, if not them, then who?

Guessing games are not for me, but who would benefit most from it’s removal from YouTube? Rhetorical question since the answer is so obvious.

In fairness it must be pointed out that Akfinans Bank are not the only bank who gave mortgages on properties owned by someone other than the borrowers. The reason there is so much publicity is the manner in which Akfinans Bank have dealt with the Kulaksiz 5, the exorbitant interest rate of 250% initially and then changed to 80% per quarter compound. Such usurious rates were always bound to cause a furore. Add to the mix the existence of a survey confirming that contrary to their claim that they were ignorant of villas or purchasers on their security described as Tarla, they were always aware.

You can see there are so many questions and no satisfactory answers.

I can see that Akfinans Bank has been painted into a corner and are prepared to do whatever they have to, to find a way out of that corner. Dates for future hearings are now after the summer recess and this whole saga, painful for the victims and embarrassing for the Bank, is set to run and run with no end in sight; well not in the near future at any rate.

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