North Cyprus News Update | Details of US Class Action Against TRNC & HSBC

For those who did not know it, a group of North Cyprus Property Victims have filed a Class Action in the US against the TRNC, HSBC Bank and others. They are saying that schemes such as Gary Robb’s Aga project are patently fraudulent and they are seeking compensation for their losses. The case is being pursued by Athan Tsimpedes of Tsimpedes Law Firm. Costs of individual litigants have been minimal compared to legal costs in North Cyprus and even if the judgement is unenforceable the group believe the negative publicity make it worthwhile.

Tsimpedes Law is run, in effect, by pro-Greeks and this explains some of the emotive, and in my opinion gratuitously irrelevant, language which is scattered throughout the document attached. This includes depicting the 1974 Turkish intervention as an out of the blue “invasion”. But then, they’re lawyers and to paint that picture helps their case. Who can blame the group who started this action when the TRNC has stood by and allowed their Human Rights and Bank Accounts to be violated as they have.

Anyway, read the document yourself HERE

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