Aga Robb says she is a victim too


The debate that is raging over this letter which was written by Gary Robb almost two years ago is very interesting – Gary Robb Letter 30-11-2010

Let us not lose sight of the fact that this was a very real attempt to extort more money from his victims. That this letter was forwarded by his wife who very obviously benefits greatly from every penny Mr Robb, I was going to say earns, but we all know he is not a worker, he is a con man. That she is member of a support group set up to support victims of people like Mr Robb is surely going to rankle. That victims of Mr Robb were told she was no longer a member of the support group in question and were lied to, this has got to be the equivalent to a ‘kick in the teeth’. The members were continuously lied to by their builders/developers and advocates, they really do not need to be lied to by those who claim to be fellow victims.

Aga Robb apparently turned up at the meeting held by the group led by Kudret Ozersay and claimed that she too was a victim. I can imagine this went down like a lead balloon with all the other attendees who really are victims, and with their supporters. A very self serving act by this woman who clearly is cut from the same cloth as her husband. If she showed one iota of sympathy for his victims she may well have some hope of redemption. Instead she actually believes she has the right to claim victim status.

This situation is causing more trauma to already traumatised victims of Gary Robb and if the woman had any decency she would withdraw from the group, and save the admin the trouble, since they clearly do not see the double standard in allowing her to remain.

My view is that groups such as these are for victims and their supporters, neither of which Aga Robb is.


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