Cyprus Property Victims | Any News of Boyut?

Cyprus Property Victims - Any News of Boyut?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cyprus Property Victims – Any News of Boyut?

Recently I received an email from a friend who had bought from Boyut, moved to Kyrenia on the strength of Boyut’s promised completion date, shipped their pets and furniture over, rented for a couple of years, never saw a completed property and then for health reasons did the reverse journey back to the UK. Their purchase in north Cyprus remains unfinished and deteriorates daily and their dream became a nightmare. Any news of Boyut was the question asked of me?

As far as I am aware the case against Boyut mounted by Harmony Homes continues and is very similar to the K5 case. The difference being that whilst Boysan Bora is the advocate of choice in both cases, he has been conspicuous by his absence in the last few hearings of the K5 case. His former employee who now seems to be running the K5 case has been doing a good job. I do not know if this is the case as far as Harmony are concerned.

Amaranta victims are still waiting to hear if the Government will honour its pledge to amend the Citizenship Bill to enable them to assist the victims to obtain title of the land their part built, fast decaying properties are on. One wonders how this will be achieved and if any financial help will be available to the victims who may well have to clear the site and start again due to the condition of the part builds. A big consideration will be the provision of infrastructure and utilities. Is this yet another pipe dream?

There is a real danger of course that the ROC who successfully prosecuted and imprisoned Robb for building and selling on this land, might feel that the new owners if they take title, have committed the same offence and may well try to do to them what they did to Robb. The issuing of an EU arrest warrant by a fellow EU member may well have to be acted on by the UK police.

Whilst the TRNC Government might not recognise the ROC, the UK certainly do and we saw what happened to the Orams. Of course the Orams case was a civil case, but it did not stop them losing everything.

Could history repeat itself with an even worse case scenario of a criminal case against the innocent?

We are told not in light of the ECHR judgement advising use of the Immovable Property Commission Greek Cypriot claimants.

However it must be borne it mind, this did not stop the ROC successfully requesting extradition of Robb from the UK and prosecuting him in the ROC.

This is a minefield and all Robb victims should tread carefully.

Pauline Read


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13 comments to Cyprus Property Victims | Any News of Boyut?

  • fluter

    Can there be anyone who really believes that the TRNC government have any intention of helping anybody, or bringing justice to anyone, other than themselves and their relatives/cronies.

    Surely not.

  • Polly Marples


  • Jerry

    Ha ha, the Greek Cypriots have known about Turkish and “trnc” justice for 40 years; join the club.

  • Cyprus Sue

    Come on Jerry,

    lets not be economical with the truth! Cyprus…….TRNC or ROC has a major problem with fraud and corruption. True role models for each other. Has the ROC run out of hospital beds yet?

  • Miltiades

    The huge difference is that the so called “trnc” is a Turkish creation of a puppet state following the barbaric invasion of Cyprus 40 years ago. It, the pseudo state, has yet to be recognized even by their fellow Islamic nations.

  • Polly Marples

    Of course they have Jerry, exactly the same justice is practised in the ROC courts.

    The ROC parliament full of lawyers cannot even produce a Foreclosure Bill that is lawful and constitutional and Old Nik has to send 4 of the ancillary bills to the Supreme Court to test if they are constitutional.

  • Polly Marples

    Oh dear, same tired old argument. So why isn’t the ROC showing the TRNC the right way to do things rather than emulating them?

  • fluter

    Come now Polly, you are surely not expecting a sensible response to that question?

    A mouthful of the same repetitive bile perhaps.

    But no reasoned argument.

  • jazzy

    Milt & Jerry, hard to face the facts, learn to live with it!!,%20Good%20news%20for%20Northern%20Cyprus.html

  • jazzy

    Lol, milt & Jerry, did the cat bite your tongue?

  • AM

    Well well well, 🙂 …. For years its been “not recognized” “Will never be recognized” & “Not a single country will recognize”


    Has yet to be recognized

    Is this a softening of the old crusty matter here.

    🙂 🙂

  • Polly Marples


  • Polly Marples