Cyprus Problem | With a Friend Like Russia…

Cyprus Problem – With a Friend Like Russia…

Russia seems to have shown its hand with the way it has treated Crimea and its people. It appears than none of the inhabitants were in danger but still Russia has invaded under the pretext of protecting them and despite the Tatars wanting to say ‘ta ta’ to them. Well, they were asking for it weren’t they?

South Cyprus, a good friend of Russia, has accepted presents from them and like in all such relationships we know what is expected when you accept presents from someone who courts you. Of course, south Cyprus have a record of rejecting and vilifying countries which invade in order to protect, even if the population are in fear of their lives, real or unreal, and even if they welcomed the invaders with open arms.

I wonder if south Cyprus’s attitude includes rejecting their Russia friends now they know more about them? I’m sure they’ll be giving back those presents immediately and, of course, asking Russian warships politely to stop entering their harbours, if you’ll pardon the pun. But then, perhaps the Russians will think the south were asking for it and ‘rescue’ them anyway.

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