Cyprus Problem | What Will Happen to North Property Buyers?

Cyprus Problem | What Will Happen to North Property Buyers?This interesting letter to TRNC President Akinci from the British Resident’s Society echoes the worries being experienced by ex-pats with property in North Cyprus, as a result of listening to rumours. Akinci has already said that property has not yet been discussed during the Cyprus Problem negotiations, but still it doesn’t hurt to find out what the TRNC President has in mind when the issue is eventually covered. With no vote, tens of thousands of property investors must be feeling helpless and potential investors must surely want to avoid buying until they know where they might stand if there is a settlement this time.

Mind you, I’d be surprised if the BRS had more that a politician’s reply to all their questions.

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18 comments to Cyprus Problem | What Will Happen to North Property Buyers?

  • cyprusishome

    Why should the president take any notice of an organisation whose membership consists of less than 1% of the total population of TRNC?

    Where is the mention of the thousands of people who have no deeds, no electricity or indeed no homes because of the ineptitude of the TRNC system. This letter appears to be simply be trying to look after the needs of the old raj!!

  • Polly Marples

    Well, our Pauline wrote to him, in Turkish and he ignored her…so rude.

    If he replies to them and not her, she will be put out…oh no she has been put out of her house already.

    Of course their main interest is self interest. You only have to look at the offshoot hanging
    on the coat tails of the K5 to see that. No silent supporters there. FMOFS (Fifteen Minutes OF Fame Syndrome)

  • fluter

    “What is this letter?”.

    “Is it from someone important or rich? No?”

    “Am I going to make money out of it?”

    “No? Then bin it!”.

  • Miltiades

    Rest assured that that cheapskates are the subject of uppermost concern for both the President of the RoC and the T/C leader…

    Once they have agreed on a solution to the Cyprob they will ….undoubtedly devote all their efforts in making sure that the senile old fools who bought stolen properties are adequately dealt with !!!!

  • Polly Marples

    Of course they are, the south will abandon all those they cheated and the north will do the same and they will live happily ever after counting their money.

  • fluter

    If there is a question of who will pay compensation, is it likely that a large number of withheld title deeds will magically be swiftly issued to homeowners?

    “Nothing to do with me Guv’nor, it belongs to that Brit over there!”

  • AM

    What you are forgetting is yes there are British people who bought property but the vast majority of disputed land and property is now owned by Turkish or TC people.

    So my question is if there is a solution what happens to Mr TC who has bought a property in good faith does he lose it does he get his dosh back….what ?

  • fluter

    Yes, but I would think they are more likely to already to have their deeds.

    Or not?

    What I was suggesting is that if compensation is to be paid by the “owners”, maybe foreigners without deeds would suddenly become the owners.

  • AM

    Fluter, What I meant was as a lot of “South Facing” commentators have said that if a solution is found the deeds issued by the TRNC would not be worth the paper its written on,.. if that is the case then where does that leave the Turks and the TC,s ?

  • fluter

    Where indeed? I suspect they are right.

    However, my original comment was a little tongue-in-cheek. I had a vision of all those developers who have refused to issue title deeds to their purchasers suddenly wanting to be honest and do the correct thing!

  • Polly Marples

    Expect nothing because that is all you will get.

    Look at the way the Turkish Govt. betrayed the Orams leaving them neck deep in shit after
    promising them if they went ahead and fought the case, they would never be at a loss.

  • cyprusishome

    polly, do not forget the Orams’ were told they must knock down their home in Lapta or risk loosing their home in England.

    What did the mayor of Lapta do, refuse permission to have the house knocked down and sent the Orams’ a bill for their council taxes etc. BARSTEWARD!!!!

  • Polly Marples


    If it is expedient to shit all over us, they will.

  • AM

    But really we don’t know for certain that the Orams didn’t receive any final payment after the court case….or do we ?

    If they returned home with nothing more to lose then surely they would have been a bit more vocal about the whole situation but nothing was said or done ?.

  • Miltiades

    They received the same as Mrs Blair receive. A rubber cheque !!!
    You blithering senile old fools, cant you see the fricking mess you let your selves in. You will get a boot up yours !!
    To Turkey you are as good as the Kurds !!!

  • Polly Marples

    Finish your bottle and go to sleep….nothing new to say and really sooooooo boring.

  • Wallet and Gromit

    No doubt those yabanci that avoided being shit on in during the buying process will be shit on during the settlement process, the majority of TC’s plead poverty and are coated in Teflon – nothing ever sticks, non payment of water bills and electric bills and their total dishonesty in most of what they do is actively encouraged, they will be rewarded whatever!
    Allah forbid that they will ever pay their way honestly.
    I must say that I now hate the place with a vengeance and after some 12 years wish I was somewhere else!
    I soon will be, another cash-cow bites the dust.

  • cyprusishome


    Because the Orams’ judgement was made in an English court they still stand to loose their home in the UK if they disobey that judgment. Hence they had to stay silent, nothing to gain and everything still to loose. That is why the comments of Lapta mayor were so despicable.

    Once again the only real winners were the lawyers!!!