Cyprus Problem | Vote For Turkish Cypriot MEPs

Cyprus Problem | Vote For Turkish Cypriot MEPsCyprus Problem – Vote For Turkish Cypriot MEPs

The south’s government have drafted a law to allow Turkish Cypriots in the north to vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections in May. However, the south’s electoral lists will only contain those Turkish Cypriots who hold RoC identity cards and ballot boxes will be placed at crossings on the south side. Critics argue that the election of Turkish Cypriot candidates in the north should be by all citizens in the north and that two places in the parliament should be set aside for Turkish Cypriots. Obviously, as with anything to do with the Cyprus Problem, the south will not accept Turkish Cypriots as being a separate entity.

Here lies the crux of the Cyprus Problem, Greek Cypriots try to get the international community to believe that there are only Cypriots living on the island and that ‘Greek’ and ‘Turkish’ is irrelevant. Yet, the ‘Greek’ Cypriots take as much pride in their Greek-ness as the ‘Turkish’ Cypriots do in their Turkish-ness. By this, I do not mean that either necessarily accepts Greece or Turkey as their motherland, I mean they take pride in their separateness.

It was even accepted in 1960, when Cyprus gained independence, that there were two separate peoples and that checks and balances needed to be included to prevent ‘Greek’ Cypriots from dominating ‘Turkish’ Cypriots. At the time it appears that the Greek Cypriot leader pretended to agree with this in order to gain independence from the British. Something which, I believe, would happen in any efforts to form a ‘united’ Cyprus. Turkish Cypriots know that bloodshed would soon follow in a ‘united’ Cyprus but it appears that Greek Cypriot politicians are blind to these inevitable consequences in their rush to own the island, as their electoral majority would ensure.

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