North Cyprus Property Victims | How Much Has It Cost Me?


North Cyprus Property Victims – How Much Has It Cost Me?

I have had occasion to consider just how much money has been ‘taken or stolen’ from me during my stay in north Cyprus.

To start with of course there is the real biggee, my villa at Kulaksiz 5, Karsiyaka, illegally repossessed without a court order, now palatial and occupied at weekends by the Manager of the Girne Branch of Akfinans Bank Limited, Mr Ertug Kader and his family. Five CCTV cameras protect the villa now from unwanted attention.

If the Girne District Court were to confirm the cancellation of the K5 case, would they be condoning this illegal and violent action? With the money paid, money spent on making it into my home, I calculate that loss to be well in excess of the £120,000 awarded to me by the Judge when I won my Breach of Contract case.

The Bank I banked with when I first went to north Cyprus managed to relieve me of £20, but it could have been much worse. At first I was £600 down.

Of course there is the unbelievable behaviour of the son of a fellow K5 litigant:

I am also still owed 200 lira, a table and a fan by the ‘boss’ of Citizens Advice Cyprus.

The on going legal expenses just continue to accrue. Of course there is the money I paid to Mehmet Kaptan Bensen who actually provided me with a Contract. A Contract he breached and assured me it was unenforceable and if I sued him, I would not like his defence. Allegedly, there are more of his victims out there. I will publish this Contract in the future.

I sometimes wonder if it is all worth it, but then I remember, we have the ECHR case number and that is where justice will be achieved. Now the trick is to live long enough.

Pauline Read

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