Cyprus Problem | Turkish Water Flow to the North Turned Off?

Cyprus Problem | Turkish Water Flow to the North Turned Off?According to Diyalog newspaper (19.11.15) reports that Turkey had decided to close the penstock valves in Turkey’s Anamour dam stopping the flow of the water to the Gecitkoy dam in north Cyprus. It says that this is in response to the TRNC government’s refusal for the water to be administrated by Turkey. The 28 north Cyprus councils have formed the private company BESKI with the intention of running the water project locally. It is also rumoured that Turkey has decided to suspend investments in the TRNC.

The muhtar of Gecitkoy village, Bayram Avci, said that it has been a week since the flow of the water at the dam has stopped and added that the water in the dam is now depleted owing to a long term lack of rainfall.

It had been apparent from the start that Turkey wanted control over the north’s water supply and if this act in closing off the water supply turns out not to be for the repair of the valve, as previously stated, then perhaps Turkish Cypriots should look elsewhere for water.

Mind you, the same has been said about the money they’ve received from Turkey and nothing has been done about the north becoming financially self-sufficient.

You didn’t need a crystal ball to predict this outcome

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9 comments to Cyprus Problem | Turkish Water Flow to the North Turned Off?

  • fluter

    Turkey knows what will happen if control is handed over to TRNC “authorities”.

  • Polly Marples

    The trough feeders want control so they can ensure the trough stays full. Stupid bludgers for thinking to pull one over on Turkey.

  • fluter

    Do you remember how the new by-pass kept “running out of money”?

  • Polly Marples


  • fluter

    No doubt for reasons like that Turkey is unwilling to hand over control to Cypriots.

  • AM

    Turkey must be mad to give control of this project to the Cypriots,.. it would just end in tears ?.

    Turkey should have administration for the first 5 years then negotiate a deal after.

  • babstel

    Are you people at a serious memory loss stage in your lives?
    Do you not remember who invaded who?????
    Or does this important item mean nothing to you.
    When you were living in your country of birth, would you have the same outlook.
    Think on? because during the troubles there were some atrocities that seem to be overlooked. Look at the history, a bit closer please?

  • Polly Marples

    Yes of course we remember who intervened to thwart the attempted coup by the Greek Military Junta who were one of the guarantor powers…Britain didn’t want to know so Turkey did its duty. Overstayed somewhat but with the level of hate still prevailing, probably just as well.

    Seems Greece can do no wrong.

    Time to look forward now babstel. Heal old wounds, give this generation a chance to prove it is wiser than the last by not repeating the same mistakes.

    Privatisation of course would be the best option, but if they insist of controlling it…I would suggest Turkey lease the pipelines to TRNC and when they have paid for the cost of this huge undertaking. then Turkey sell the water to them. Supply and demand, Turkey owns the water.

  • AM

    Yes babstel…atrocities on BOTH sides if your selective memory will allow ?

    I really do hope there is no solution found as I fear the poor TC’s will surely get the shit end of the stick again ?