Cyprus Problem | Turkey Will Drill For Oil Off the Cyprus Coast

Barbaros Hayrettin PasaVatan newspaper (30.12.14) writing about the possible departure of the Turkish Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa seismic explorations vessel from Cyprus says the following:

“The Greek Cypriot side has half-officially announced that it will return to the table together with the NAXTEX ending as of 31 December. Until now it seems that everything is all right. However, is it really so? Will Turkey renounce its rights in the area for the sake of the negotiations? First of all, let us accept that what is happening now in the area is a debate of sovereignty. You remember that we had that famous issue of ‘single sovereignty’. This is the one! The Greek Cypriot Administration alleges that ‘I am the sole ruler, sovereign of Cyprus’. As for the Turkish side, it is trying to explain to the other side the reality that ‘no you are not [the only ruler] I am also at least as equally sovereign as you are’. Sovereignty is actually the whole problem.

Finding natural gas and earning money is not a problem. The Greek Cypriot side has launched a big maneuver. While doing this, it took Russia by its side. They had considered using Russia’s big dreams on the energy issue in the area for their own political interests. In the beginning everything seemed all right. However, the recent approach between Turkey and Russia spoiled all their calculations. The ship was capsized. Meanwhile, let us not pass over the issue without saying that what is happening between Turkey and Russia is actually an American plan. This is another story, we will write about it later.

At the point we have come today, the Greek Cypriot side will have to sit at the negotiating table again with the ending of the NAVTEX on 31 December. Until Turkey takes another step or steps. What will these steps be? First of all, a drilling will definitely begin in the area. Let no one be surprised about this. First, however, the negotiations coming to a certain point is a precondition. The negotiating process will reach a certain point and Turkey will come to the area again. What will the Greek Cypriot side do? If it is wise, it will not leave the table this time. Because the point which we say that the negotiations will reach is the point where this issue will not be possible to be settled through negotiations. There could be no leaving the table when the UN is ready to declare this reality to the whole world. On the other hand, Turkey is in the area again. Is it not really difficult? In any case, the Strategic Depth is something like that”.

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