Cyprus Problem – Gas & Oil Exploration – Applying the Pressure

Cyprus Problem - Gas & Oil Exploration - Applying the PressureCyprus Problem – Gas & Oil Exploration – Applying the Pressure

Now if I had just paid for a license to explore for gas and oil off Cyprus I’d be a little peeved that Turkey was exploring the same area for free and probably with the same intention to extract whatever, if anything, is found. I’d want my money back from the South’s government and I certainly would not renew the license when the current one expired.

For 3 years Turkey have been telling the south not to explore and instead to wait for a Cyprus Solution. They ignored Turkey and so Turkey ignore international opinion and went in on the north’s behalf and did the same, not confident the south would share any revenue from gas and oil exploration. Did the south say anything about sharing the license fee received? A statement prepared for the 28 EU leaders meeting in Brussels said two things:

“The European Council expressed serious concern about the renewed tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. It called on Turkey to respect Cyprus’ sovereign rights.”

and that it was:

“more important than ever to reach a comprehensive Cyprus settlement which would benefit all Cypriots”.

It is evident that the south’s President Anastasiades is finding the pressure unbearable as currently he is in hospital being treated for high blood pressure. If his only response to Turkey’s actions is to say the south will stop their stalled EU Membership bid it is evident that he has run out of ideas.


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