Cyprus Problem | April is the Month of Opportunities

Cyprus Problem - April is the Month of OpportunitiesAccording to the Kibris newspaper (15.03.15) North Cyprus foreign minister Ozdil Nami said that the NAVTEX ends on April 6 and the Saipem 10000 will be under repair for a period of three months. He implied that the south will not announce a new NAVTEX and will not sent the Barbarros Hayrettin Pasa to the region during that period. Nami said that it will be nice if the south’s President Nikos Anastasiades returned to the negotiating table during this period.

However, he reiterated, the talks should not contain preconditions and that there were three alternatives on the hydrocarbon issue; either the sides move together on the hydrocarbon issue, or continue with their activities separately or stop their explorations simultaneously.

So, from April 6th the Cyprus talks will resume? But, which President in the north will be involved? The elections there have several candidates; Mustafa Akinci, Kudret Ozersay, Arif Salih Kirdag and Mustafa Alas, the candidate of the Cyprus Socialist Party Mustafa Onurer, the candidate of the Republican Turkish Party and “speaker of the assembly”, Sibel Siber and the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu who runs as independent but is supported by the National Unity Party and the Democratic Party.

These are interesting times for Cyprus.

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