Opinion | Asil Nadir’s Wife Wants £5m Divorce

Opinion – Asil Nadir’s Wife Wants £5m Divorce

‘Bankrupt’ Asil Nadir’s wife wants a £5m divorce settlement from the wealth he said he never had and which should have gone towards his tax-payer funded defence, if this money existed. He is currently serving a 10-year sentence for fraud in Belmarsh prison. Surely, if he has the £5m his 29-year old wife is demanding there is a case for trying him for de-frauding UK tax-payers?

His wife, Nur, is quoted as saying that Asil is a ‘genius’ and that he is innocent of fraud and yet she firmly believes he has the money to pay for her divorce settlement. Money which he would have lied about if what she believes proves to be true and she receives her settlement.

His sentence had been reduced by six years after he managed to find £5m to compensate investors but somehow none of this money went towards the £1m legal aid he received; tax-payers’ money. If his wife then discovers another £5m which should compensate investors and tax-payers this would appear to be taking the proverbial, in my opinion.

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