Opinion | North Cyprus Property Victims | Eating an Elephant

Opinion – North Cyprus Property Victims | Eating an Elephant

Solving the problems of current North Cyprus Property Victims must seem to them like eating an elephant. How do you eat an elephant? The answer is, a bite at a time. Solving bite-sized chunks of the problem at a time is better than just staring at the elephant as it tramples your life.

So, what might be the first bite at the problem for current North Cyprus Property Victims? It has to be taking and keeping possession of the property by actually living there, if possible. Or if that’s not possible, by being brave and always believing that the contract you have is legal and that you own the property, unencumbered by any mortgages the builder/developer/land owner may have taken out. Walk around the property when you can, if you can’t live in it, carry your contract with you and show it to whoever may ask why you’re there.

Are you thinking that this may be illegal? You don’t have the title deeds so you have no right to be on property you have a contract for and maybe have even paid for in full? But why should you be concerning yourself with the legalities of this? That’s for lawyers. This is where bravery comes into it. As Del Boy regularly used to remind us, “he who dares wins!”

The alternative is to give up, or its equivalent action – to pay a ‘lawyer’ to ‘act’ for you. In some cases giving up is the best solution, but do it early instead of doing it because of ill-health brought on by battling. Sometimes it’s a white elephant you’re battling for, something that even if you win, it turns out not to be worth it. There are properties out there being battled over which by the time all cases are complete will probably have been reduced to a pile of rubble.

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