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NCFP Opinion – Notes From the West Country

We had a friend here last night. He was once a tin mine engineer, his wife is Cornish, and they went back for a few days the week we were in Jersey. He told me that a Canadian firm wanted to reopen several of the mines, which are still viable, but the local county council put every possible obstacle in the way until the Canadians gave up and pulled out. What happened then? A developer was allowed to build loads of new houses on the tin mine sites. There’s no work there…but lots of lovely houses – presumably holiday and retirement homes for Londoners. Corruption? Would I be so cynical? (er…answers on a postage stamp.) He had thought of retiring there; but he said it’s like Piccadilly Circus on the roads there now (in October!!) around St Austell and he’s abandoned the idea.

And now this morning even Grey Man* is criticising his own party. Or is it his own party? I submit, no. There used to be a Conservative Party; but what are this lot? “Rich and fascist” fit? What’s happened in Jersey is exactly what this lot – the same lot as in Jersey, no doubt – want to achieve here. And they are doing it. And the result will be the same; hellish for working class people, joyous for the rich. Jersey is in a hell of a mess. Just like this country is heading. I also think Scotland will vote to split. Alex Salmond is becoming more and more the statesman. He’s playing a bloody good game; and with events like the coercion announced at Grangemouth this morning, the Scots will go with him. They’d be fools not to – who’d want to stay with this shower, given the chance to escape? Osborne reckons the Royal Mail sell-off has been a great success. Yes, but for whom? Again, answers on a postage stamp. I think we are going to witness the worst industrial relations here since the 70s, the way things are going. And it will make the country’s decline even worse.

There was a lovely letter from “a Guernseyman” this morning. He said he noted the report that the last Neanderthals had lived on Jersey. He thought that an odd statement – they still do….. hehehehehe!!

*if you don’t remember him – John Major.


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