North Cyprus | Real Ale Beers Launched

North Cyprus – Real Ale Beers Launched

As a real ale beer drinker who, in North Cyprus, struggles daily to force lager down my throat, sometimes with the help of friends, I pine for real beer. Now, out of the blue, real ales are to become available. According to the company there will be events allowing neglected drinkers like myself to test the quality of their real ales. According the the company’s North Cyprus Real Ale Beers – FaceBook Page:

“Real Ale Beers are now being produced in North Cyprus! The family owned Chateau St. Hilarion Wines, now brings you some of the finest tasting light and dark beers in Cyprus…we will be hosting some beer tastings at the end of October.”

There will be five real ales on offer:I personally like my real ales to be ‘hoppy’ and so will be sampling the North Cyprus BLOND first. I have to say, the descriptions suggest something quite exciting. I’ve liked the North Cyprus Real Ale Beers – FaceBook Page but will I like the taste and, more importantly, will I like the price?

Beer Tastings:

  • Friday 1st Nov – 6.30pm Merit Hotel Royal – please ring on 0090 542 853 76 84 before attending this one
  • Saturday 2nd Nov – Stewes Bar in Kucuk Erenkoy
  • Sunday 3rd Nov – 3pm-6pm St. Tropez Restaurant at Alsancak
  • Monday 4th Nov – Pia Bella Hotel, Girne

Let them know if you plan on attending! They hope to see as many of you there as possible!!

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