NCFP Opinion | Is Closing Grangemouth a Tory Plot?

NCFP Opinion – Is Closing Grangemouth a Tory Plot?

So Grangemouth is to close; this dispute looks to have the government’s sticky fingerprints all over it. If it closes, as well as causing fuel shortages in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the North of England, it will probably lead to violent disorder – exactly what this government wants, as an excuse to destroy the remaining unions. It is becoming clear that the Tories aim to castrate any form of organised protest; and it does not care what damage is done to the country in the process. There is little doubt that Tory strategists see provoking the unions as a vote winner, and quite possible that if they are re-elected in 2015, they will seek to outlaw left-wing organisations – indeed, tending towards totalitarian government.

However, picking a fight with the unions in Scotland at this time will much strengthen Alex Salmond’s case for independence, and I for one will be very surprised if the Scots do not vote for independence next year.

Who could blame them for wanting to rid themselves of control by this awful government? The unfortunate side-effect, though, is that independence for Scotland would almost certainly condemn England and Wales to a future utterly under the thumb of the Tories.

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