NCFP Opinion | Pauline Read Sets a Challenge

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NCFP Opinion | Pauline Read Sets a Challenge

I think by now that there are not many of us who do not realise that it is fatboy (fatma so close) who is using the false identity of Fatma Lone and the photo of the lovely Hilary Duff to lure people into being his friend and then adding them to this Hate Group TRNCYPRUS GOVERNMENT PLEASE DEPORT AND PUNISH THE BAD PAULINE ANN READ. One only has to look at your partners in crime (pun very much intended) to see where you are coming from. Not a good place.

FaceBook have been given adequate time and many many complaints about this deliberate attempt to intimidate to remove this group and have failed to do so. Legal action will follow.

One only has to read the posts by Fatso to know the style of writing. The style used a someone whose second language is English and his first Turkish.

“Fatma Lone


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Fatma Lone Please add as many members as you can to our lovely group to make our voice heard by the government. Thanx everyone.

September 21 at 8:48pm · Edited · 2

Fatma Lone We do not want her to be deported without being punished for her crimes.

September 30 at 6:57pm · 3


Fatma Lone

Update; Top Secret information has been disclosed to us from interpol and other authorities about Pauline Read. Pauline Read has a convicted son which was convicted for drug dealing. UK police have been and still are investigating pauline read and her assets for money laundering. She also is on the pay roll of the Greek Cypriot authorities to campaign against the TRNC in every way she can. We were all wondering how she made the 700,000 + and smuggles it from there to thereee and why she just doesnt stop saying bad things about north cyprus. Now we know. Please TRNC firstly punish then deport this evil criminal from the lovely island of cyprus. TRNC and its people FOREVER. WE NEVER GİVE İN AND WİLL NEVER GİVE UP. NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER.”

Now let us dissect this post by Fatso. Top Secret….err no. Top fabrication..yes. Interpol, hey Fatso, you forgot I am half American too, where is the FBI in all this? Wow “she is on the pay roll of the Greek Cypriot authorities to campaign against the TRNC”. They must have forgotten Fatso, I haven’t been paid yet. “We were all wondering how she made the 700,000 + and smuggles it from there to thereee” Do we? I am wondering where my money is too, my balance doesn’t look that healthy, you haven’t been filching it have you Fatso? I do not need to say bad things about TRNC a. because I love it and the majority of the people who are honest and deserve better. Certainly they deserve a better Advocate than you. b. Because you Fatso are doing a great job of making your profession look foolish.

My message to Fatso. Get over yourself, you came on our group looking like a breath of fresh air, promised much, delivered nothing, tried to gag the members and then when you could not, left like halitosis, with your tail between your legs. You said your way or no way, I just accommodated you by making it ‘no way’. To straighten you out in your thinking, groups are the property of its members, no one person can and should dictate, but you seemed to think you could and found out you could not.

Now do your worst, you said you would destroy me, you go ahead if you are man enough and sane enough.

Pauline Ann Read

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